Peek Inside These Luxury Vans for the Rich and Famous

2Some executives and celebrities live the most lavish of lives. They’ve got their mansions, jets, and sprinter vans. Yes, sprinter vans, but don’t let the plain and simple exterior fool you. The interior of these vans are far from plain and simple, featuring entertainment centers, gyms, and restrooms. It all dates back to 1996 when founder Howard Becker began developing certain SUVs and van models into highly productive, dignified, discreet luxury transports, adding armored protection into its offerings soon enough. Becker Automotive Design was born.1Becker Automotive Design is a California-based firm that turns any ordinary Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van into a luxury stronghold. In 2009, Becker was approved by Daimler to transform Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans into some of the world’s most sophisticated transports. Since its’ inception, the list of star-studded clients has grown. Many of the company’s clients include, political figures, celebrities, and executives. Ben Affleck, Dr. Dre, Johnny Depp, and the late Michael Jackson are just a few who have hopped onboard these luxury fortresses.
7It’s like a mini home on four wheels that comes complete with all the necessary and desired living accommodations. The seven-passenger vehicles can be equipped with just about anything. Don’t want to miss your workout? Exercise bikes. Want to relax? Massage chairs and beds. Your favorite team has a game tonight? Oversized televisions. And of course, toilets.

It should come as no surprise that New York is an extremely important hub for the company. It only makes sense for the wildly successful executives in the city to ride in a car that’s all about security and comfort. Becker offers quality ground transportation and allows riders to be productive on-the-go. Becker Automotive Design states, “In all that we do, we treat the safety and quality of every vehicle we complete as our most fundamental and important responsibly.”

The extravagant vehicles have been delivered to 30 countries in five continents, including one to the king of Jordan. How much can one of these cost? Depending on the interior finishes, Becker’s vehicles sell between $160,000 and $450,000. If you’re searching for the best of the best, the priciest one is $600,000 and includes everything, armoring and all. The upgraded vans take seven months to complete and there’s a six-month wait list to get one.
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