Oyster Festival at Randall and Aubin

Fancy a shuck?

As the summer days sizzle on, Randall & Aubin are getting hot under the collar with a festival celebrating nature’s best aphrodisiac: oysters. As of this week, guests can enjoy a month of glorious oyster specials, promising to take our taste-buds on an adventure of gastronomic pleasure.

Begin your culinary journey with an exotic trip to the Orient and try Oyster and squid tempura served with black sesame seeds and crispy cucumber. Next will be Chinese grilled oysters made with fiery ginger, spring onion and soy sauce, garnished with a vibrant summer salad and finally Randall & Aubin embrace the flavours of South East Asia with Raw Thai oysters, combining bird’s eye chillis, fish sauce, fragrant coriander and sharp lime juice.

Chinese Oysters

Each of the dishes will include four stunning oysters and the manager’s choice of an ice-cold lager to match. This exclusive offer is part of Randall & Aubin’s seasonally changing menus, designed to celebrate fresh, locally sourced produce.

Since opening almost 20 years ago, Randall & Aubin have become known for their classic French and British fare. Ed Baines and Jamie Poulton have a passion for excellent, simple and delicious food that is reflected in every dish, from the seafood platters to the succulent steaks.