New Christian Louboutin App Lets You “Louboutinize” Your Photos

Louboutinize: verb: To impart the joyous spirit of Christian Louboutin. Now that you know what Louboutinize means, let us tell you what Louboutinze is. Have you ever wanted to add a little more designer lux to your social media feeds? Well, now you can with Christian Louboutin’s new photo editing application that released August 7.


Louboutinize allows users to shoot photos within the app or choose pictures form your camera roll and edit with three different filters: Rouge, Legs and Crystallize. The “Rouge” filter, self explanatory, adds the in-your-face bold red overlay to photos, similar to that of the iconic red-bottomed shoes. “You’ll paint the town red in Christian Louboutin’s signature shade!” the brand describes.

Rouge Louboutinize

The next filter is “Legs.” Add one of six different types of legs to your photos. From the legs of a polo player to ballerina or even CanCan girls, swipe through the filters until you’re ready to “run with it.”

Legs Louboutinize

Lastly, the crystallize filter allows you to edit your image as if looking through a beautiful crystal. Modeled after the crystal bottle of the Christian Louboutin nail polish that launched last year. There are three different “crystals” to choose from.

crystallize louboutin

Once you are done editing tap the lightening bolt icon that will be followed by an electric buzz sound effect and your photo will now be Louboutinized. Users can share their new image seamlessly to followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Or opt to share them on the Louboutinze custom feed within the application to share with other Louboutin fashionistas and scroll through photos from other users of the app as well. Louboutin has plans to add filters monthly with a mens filter rumored to be in the works.

Louboutinize is available in the iTunes App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Check it out here.