MIA: Kokai Sushi Heats Up Doral With Fusion Cuisine

Evolution Roll

With Miami Spice and countless restaurant openings in full swing, the South Florida dining scene is buzzing with excitement. Joining the already-impressive list all the way from Doral is Kokai Sushi & Lounge: a Japanese-fusion gem that has earned a reputation as one of Venezuela’s premiere restaurants, now opening its first international location in none other than sunny South Florida.

Matshury Roll

Opening its first of three Venezuelan locations in 1998, in the city of Valencia, Kokai Sushi & Lounge has spent the last fifteen years impressing patrons with its masterful way it combines the beauty and simplicity of authentic, Japanese cooking with the flair, exuberance and boldness of Latin cuisine. Redefining standards of fine-dining in Venezuela, this family-owned haunt takes pride in its Japanese master-trained chefs, one-of-a-kind service and innovative dishes; like its salmon and avocado “Sake Cocktail,” white fish and crab “Suzuki Fry,” “Madre Hijo” temaki roll, and salmon roe caviar “Ikura” roll.

Suzuki Fry

Now bringing the concept to U.S. soil, the Kokai Sushi & Lounge in Doral marks the brand’s fourth location overall. Having officially opened in early August 2015, this culinary hotspot promises patrons a new wave of flavors like South Florida’s already-eclectic dining scene has never seen before.

Kokai Sushi & Lounge is located at 9036 NW 25th Street. For more information about the restaurant, or to see their full menu, visit the restaurant’s website.