Day In The Life: Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh

It’s no accident that Chris Bosh’s tie line with Armstrong and Wilson is called “Mr. Nice Tie.” Bosh really is one of the nicest guys in basketball, especially considering he could afford to be a little bit smug with all he’s accomplished. Way back in high school in Dallas, Texas, Bosh was not only a National Honor Society member with stellar grades, but he also led his team to a perfect season and first place in the country. Years later, he’s still hustling on the court, helping the Heat nab two NBA Championships. Here’s a look at what he does off the court, when he summers with wife Adrienne and three children in Beverly Hills, California.

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8:30AM I usually wake up around this time and head downstairs around 9. As soon as I’m down there, my kids can just sense it. They start filing in one by one, five or ten minutes after I get to the kitchen. As soon as I start watching something, I hear, “Hey Daddy!” so I change it from ESPN to Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon, so they can watch.

9:30AM Breakfast is always different—[we have] very simple stuff like eggs, oatmeal and fruit. I used to eat pancakes and waffles, but I don’t really eat that anymore. After I’m done, I hang around and watch my kids eat. I’ve become a negotiator because they just want cookies and things. With my son, I just tell him he needs to eat [well] to be big and strong.

11:00AM I’m off to train. I utilize the off-season to work on weaknesses and things I need to improve on both on and off the court. My training is more methodical and a lot slower than it is during the season. I am working at slowly getting my body back into peak condition. I might start out with three hours a day combined with weights and time on the court. I also do Pilates, which I started a few years ago when I tore my abductor muscle. It’s amazing because it can strengthen those little tender muscles that you don’t usually work. They can help the big muscles so they don’t have to do all the work.

2:00PM By the end of the summer, I get up to four-and-a-half hours of training. I’m just a little bit older, so it’s a slow and steady process. I can’t just say, “Hey,I’m gonna play pick-up games all week.” I have to train for three weeks to get ready for that.

3:00PM I might pick up my kids from their activities and then head home. When I get there, I’ll take 20 minutes to spend with my youngest. She’s only 20 months, so she’s not really talking clearly yet, but I can still understand her. We have a playpen with tons of balls in it and she loves it, so we’ll play there. Afterwards, I’ll take a shower.


4:00PM We’ll have a family lunch together. I don’t have a favorite meal; I just eat to fuel myself for my workouts. I don’t really get much time to have an appetite.

5:00PM After lunch, I try to get some time to myself. I have a man-cave where I like to watch TV, or maybe play the guitar, which I’ve been learning for a few months now. I’m still a beginner, but I can play Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sometimes I have to use that time for interviews or other work-related things.

6:00PM It doesn’t take long for the kids to come find me again, and then we’ll play hide-and-seek or something.

9:00PM My wife Adrienne and I will go out for dinner usually twice a week. The rest of the time we eat at home.

10:00PM After dinner the kids go to their rooms and play, and we’ll watch some shows. My favorites are True Detective and Game of Thrones. I’m enjoying Ballers right now, too.

11:00PM If I don’t fall asleep as soon as I get in bed, I’ll read. Right now, I’m enjoying The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle. My father gave it to me. It looks at world-class violinists, Olympian athletes and [other accomplished] people and explains what makes them super-successful. 90% of success is hard work and determination.

Photography by April Belle Photos