Anya Hindmarch Shows Craftsmanship Behind Designs

Luxury London accessories label Anya Hindmarch is taking to social media to highlight the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into creating its iconic pieces. Taking the infamous Crisp Packet clutch as its first port of call, the brand is using videos to give consumers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the way the accessory was created as well as all the time and effort that go into the whole design process.

One of the most talked-about and iconic pieces of Hindmarch’s collections, and worn by the likes of Emma Watson, Solange Knowles and Diane Kruger, it’s little wonder that the focus of the social campaign by the brand is this statement clutch. “I am a big believer that people are not buying less within various tiers; however, there needs to be a powerful reason whether it’s brand loyalty, an interest in a specific category and attention as well as commitment to quality,” commented Kimmie Smith, co-founder/creative director of Accessory2, New York, as an industry insider on this story. “The craftsmanship that Anya Hindmarch has within the brand is an essential point to note as it would be easy to look at her line and simply focus on the whimsical nature. Underneath the bags that showcase pop culture there is an extreme focus on care that is taken to each bag,” she added. “By showcasing that the bags have an array of details that make it impossible to even produce in one area it allows possible buyers and long terms fans to understand why the bags are so coveted and are worth their current price point.”

Setting the scene as Florence, in Italy, the craftsmanship video takes visitors inside the world of an Italian artisan creating the Crisp Packet clutch. After showing the construction of the clutch, the video then moves on to how the finishing touches are put on, before directing viewers back to the Anya Hindmarch website to learn more about the process. “So much craftsmanship and real love goes into these pieces that they should be something that’s enjoyed by your great, great grandchildren,” says Hindmarch on her website, regarding each and every piece she creates, something she deems as “wearable art.” You can watch the full videos and read all information by clicking here.