4 Haute Perks at Vegas Casinos That Will Blow Your Mind

Las Vegas is a very unique place. While it can be cruel to the players who leave penniless, it has made a millionaire out of many. Most casinos have special hosts that cater to the high rollers who frequent them. Here are four haute perks they receive.

VIP Tables
Aside from the casino, Vegas is known for its extravagant nightclub. They attract the best DJS from all around the world and bring in the sexiest people. This combination can be costly for those looking to get bottle service. A table at Hakkasan on New Years Eve went for a whopping $500,000. This isn’t even the highest price ever spent at a Vegas nightclub. Luckily if you’re a casino regular who knows how to play, you can get these tables all for free. Free meaning after you’ve spent a decent amount of money at the poker table.

Front-Row Seats
If you’re a loyal gambler in Sin City, you better believe you’ll be sitting front-row at all the hottest shows. Vegas is infamous for having over-the-top, awesome theatrical performances and concerts for visitors to attend. As with every Vegas experience, there is a VIP way to go to a show too. Your host will hook you up with coveted front-row tickets that could have cost you thousands. A small price for most high rollers, but it saves them the hassle and puts them right in front of the action.

‘Free’ Rooms
After a long game of Black Jack, the casino hosts don’t want you to leave. You might never come back! They have thought of a pretty clever solution for this; free rooms. Just to make sure you stay with them a little bit longer, high rollers get free rooms to rest their heads. They often receive the nicest suites in the hotel. With these suites players enjoy luxurious treatments from butler service to chauffeurs.

Luxury Car Services
Luxury-Car-Test-Drive-Las-Vegas (10)-700x700
The only way for a high roller to ride in Vegas is in a luxury vehicle. If it’s not a Maserati or Mercedes, you can forget about it. Players who spend big time at the casino often get a luxury car provided by their host. There have even been occasions when cars have been given as a permanent gift. That’s right; if you frequent the casino enough you could potentially get a ‘free’ car out of it. On top of which it is probably going to be a Lamborghini or some amazing equivalent.