The Many Styles of MDL’s Justin Fichelson

From haute San Francisco real estate listings, to lunches with the former SF Mayor Willie Brown, to Rolex watches and Kiton suits, this young gentleman is anything but basic:


If I had to define the Best Dressed man, “Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” reality TV star Justin Fichelson would be it.

Every day he proves that being young is no barrier to looking your best. Whether he is wearing a tailored suit or casual shirt with a pair of trousers and the sport coat, Justin looks elegant and smart.


“Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” premiered on Bravo July 8th. The black-tie viewing  party celebrating Justin was held at the Local Edition lounge, which attracted a most stylish crowd. It was such a delight to see perfectly attired young men and dressed to kill ladies.

When I observe how men dress in our modern societ,y I can’t help but notice that the most attractive outfits are he ones that mirror the personality of the man who wears them.


Let’s observe together from the few photographs how Justin transforms from every day well suited real estate shark to after-work chivalrous and courteous gentleman; qualities that never go out of style.

IMG_7296 IMG_7389 IMG_7415 IMG_7434


Isn’t he wonderful? Until next time, Fashion Lovers!