The Great Scotland Yard To Become Luxe Hotel

Would you spend £10,000 for a night in a historic police station that was once the center for the Jack the Ripper investigation? This new luxury London hotel thinks yes.


The London orgiginal Scotland Yard is now underway for a £50m refurbishment in order to create this unique new space. The former police station will be converted into a grand five-star establishment, under a £110m deal between Galliard Homes and a Lulu Group in Dubai. It was the headquarters for the Metropolitan Police for a remarkable 61 years up until 1890. The 125-year lease was attained by Galliard in December of 2013 but had yet to receive backing until now. Yusuffali Kader is one of India’s wealthiest men and owner of the LuLu Group, which is now behind the Great Scotland Yard Hotel.

Don O’Sullivan, managing director of Galliard noted, “The Great Scotland Yard Hotel will be a brand synonymous with exceptional service and refined luxury and quality.” This is evident with support from the Steigenberger Hotel Group who will be assigning 250 staff to the new hotel, which is just enough to perfectly cater to the 92,000 square ft. hotel. The Frankfurt-based group will be managing all seven stories of the hotel, representing its first project in the London hospitality market.

The Great Scotland Yard is scheduled so open in early 2017, with construction already being around 30% complete. It will boast 233 rooms and a converted Victorian house that will serve as an entertainment suite for guests. There will of course be options for fine dining and luxury spa treatments.

This grand opening reflects the booming in London’s hotel market. Investors around the world are looking to the global city for deals now more than ever. The Great Scotland Yard’s building has already been made famous by the likes of Charles Dickens’s novels and Sherlock Holmes, and there is no reason it shouldn’t remain a famous success as a hotel now.

Great Scotland Yard, London SW1A