Patti Stanger Shares 7 Tips on How to Prep for a Date with a Millionaire

Patti Stanger
Patti Stanger

Most know Patti Stanger as the authority on dating as the star of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker—and when we say authority on dating, we mean all aspects of dating. Here, the sexpert, dating guru and Completely Bare ambassador shares seven tips for how to perfectly prepare for a date with a millionaire. 




  1. The first thing you do, is clean the cooch. If you’re not completely “slip and slide” ready, a millionaire is not going to go downtown. Our Completely Bare Wax on the Go-Go Travel Wax Kit is perfect to throw in your bag because you never know when you are going to need it.
  1. Millionaire men love straight hair, so break out the flat iron and de-frizzing products, such as John Freda, and you’ll have that silky shiny look. Remember millionaire men like to put their hands through your hair – and that doesn’t mean you can’t break out the extensions, just tell them to go gently when they tug!
  1. Moisturize, moisturize moisturize – men love silky skin! Break out the sunblock and put on a great after-sun moisturizer because sun damaged skin does not get a wealthy man. Successful men tend to gravitate to luminous beauties.
  1. Don’t forget the legs- especially if your tycoon is a leg guy! From moisturizing to waxing to spray tan, men notice that one part of the body more than anywhere else. Don’t fret if your legs are not Tina Turner worthy, all men care about is that your legs are fit, firm, smooth and moisturized. So, can you say lets spin?
  1. When it comes to the décolletage, men are generally obsessed with it. From an A cup to a D cup, it is the universal language of wealthy men, so a good push up bra goes a long way. Make sure you go to an intimacy shop where you get perfectly fitted and know your size. A great idea is to buy bras in various colors and show a hint of lace as your breasts are fully lifted in your brassiere, think Dita Von Teese and he will say “Tiffany” before you know it.
  1. They say eyes are the mirror of the soul. Good eye drops like “Alcon Naphcon A” will widen and brighten your eyes. Go easy on the liner but check out Hourglass as they have different brush sizes to give you that even line and frame. Use a good mascara that doesn’t cake, but lengthens and thickens. And, don’t forget the brows because if eyes are the mirror of the soul than brows are the frame of the face.
  1. If you get nervous before the date don’t forget to meditate. Deep breaths, lots of inhales and exhales before you hit the chardonnay. Established men can be very intimidating since most are college educated and know their Dunn and Bradstreet score before their age. However, my will help you meditate plus there is subliminal music with messages of love to bring in your soulmate.