Haute Scene: Dinner Lab Host Supper Club in Brooklyn

Chef Omar Zerrei, Chef de Cuisine and Mixologist Enzo Cangemi

Last week, Dinner Lab celebrated its partnership with Bombay Sapphire Gin with a swanky dinner.

At the exclusive pop-up location in Brooklyn, event-goers enjoyed specialty dishes by Chef Omar Zerrei (The Moroccan Kitchen) and cocktails by Mixologist Enzo Cangemi (Extra Fancy).

To kick off this first-of-its-kind partnership, Chef Zerrei created two specialty pre-dinner Bombay Sapphire cocktails designed specifically to prep the palate and enhance the flavors of a meal inspired by both his childhood, hometown, and his culinary experiences at Six String Samurai, L’Artusi, and Spice Market.

For those of you who don’t know, Dinner Lab has become the hautest new members-only supper club. The dinners showcase both up-and-coming culinary talent from the local community and skilled chefs from around the country for no-holds-barred dinner parties at remote and unexpected locations. The cuisines, chefs, patrons, and locations change with each Dinner Lab event, so members never get the same experience twice.

Through Dinner Lab’s unique experience, guests are introduced to recipes that speak to the chefs’ heritage, ingredients the chefs are passionate about, or avant-garde dishes that wouldn’t necessarily fly in a traditional restaurant.

When asked what inspired him to launch such a haute idea, founder Brian Bordainick said, “I grew up outside of NYC with a large immigrant population.  Most of my friends were first generation Americans, and their families were preparing meals from their homeland’s.  I grew up having the break of Ramadan meals, Italian 7 fishes Christmas dinners, etc.  I always felt more at home at the dinner table with my friends, and learning about their culture was a huge part of my upbringing.”

Bombay Sapphire’s partnership with Dinner Lab offered the perfect pairing. Signature cocktails included the Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler and the Cardamom Rose Gin and Tonic.

In regards to the partnership, Bordainick said, “Anytime that we get to partner with a company like Bombay Sapphire gin, that is willing to work outside the box and think creatively about unique ways to integrate their product into the very strange stuff that we do, it’s a huge win.  It’s been a tremendous opportunity for our company and we’re excited to keep going with it.”

So what’s in store for Dinner Lab moving forward? “We would like to be seen as a platform for up-and-coming culinary talent.  We want to give aspiring chefs the ability to prototype and market themselves so that nascent concepts can get off the ground,” Bordainick said.

Interested in becoming a member? Membership fee is $175.

Check out the photos below: