Haute 100 LA: Jennifer Aniston To Release a Haute New Scent


Fragrance enthusiasts rejoice! Jennifer Aniston is releasing a new scent later this month.

Aniston’s latest fragrance, Near Dusk, takes more of a sultry tone compared to Jennifer Aniston, her first scent, and J by Jennifer Aniston, her second scent. While her last two fragrances are more of a daytime scent, Near Dusk is more of nighttime fragrance. It’s the third scent of her beach and sun-kissed inspired fragrance collection.

Near Dusk is a blend of jasmine, peony, musk and white amber. The fragrance also feature bright top notes like nectarine, sweet pink pepper and coconut water.

In an interview with E!, Aniston discussed the testing process for her fragrances. She said, “When creating my fragrances, I start by smelling almost every note I can get my hands on in the lab, from different flowers to leather belts. Once I’ve created something I like, I give it a test run for a few months. I find it really interesting, seeing how different notes are expressed as the day goes on. I always ask my friends and family feedback.”

The beach has always inspired the New York native. She told E!, “Growing up in NYC surrounded by buildings and cement, when I would visit family at the ocean it felt like paradise to me. I always feel peaceful and inspired when I’m there.”

In a separate interview with Yahoo, Aniston revealed she’s a great cook. She told the website’s editor-in-chief, “Yes, I’m a good alchemist. I can mix certain things together that are all very healthy, but you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself in any way.”

When asked if she plans on penning a cookbook, she admitted a Jennifer Aniston cookbook is underway.

What can we expect in the 46-year-old’s cookbook? Well, the Cake actress didn’t quite say. However, she did state she would like to help people who struggle with dieting.  “I could just make anything for a diet taste delicious,” Aniston said.

Near Dusk is slated to be available later this month. Until then, don’t forget to stock up on the actress’ first two scents Jennifer Aniston and J by Jennifer Aniston.

(Photo via Shutterstock)