Poochie Heaven: Chic Mid-Century Dog Crates



We get it—you love your dog, but you also love your house, and Fifi’s cage shouldn’t ruin that six-figure interior design job you just completed. Well,  if your home is Mid-Centruy modern, Hollywood Regency or simply eclectic, Maricela Sanchez’s chic dog crates will work like a charm, keeping your dog secure while keeping your house beautiful. The cages cutouts, designed by Sanchez, are available in five different patterns, that include Damond Rings, Fancy, Infinity, Mariposa, and Veil. If none of those match your look, you can chose the fully bespoke option where your imagination is the limit.


Lattice work is available in black and white color themes, and cushions are made from durable Sunbrella fabric in a ton of jacquard patterns that will fit with your color scheme perfectly. Crates can run up to $1,395 for the largest version, but will keep your house in harmony, which was the whole point for designer Maricela Sanchez who translated her fine art patterns into crates for the project.

“I have clients throughout the country with mid-century and modern homes so I felt a need to offer them an alternative solution to fit their surroundings,” says Maricela Sanchez. “In creating this design, I wanted to open up the interior space of the crate to allow dogs to visually see more of the outer space, while creating a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior design.”

In addition to crates, you can adorn your home with complementary pieces including the above table, panels or screens just to make sure your pet’s crate isn’t the most eye-catching thing around the house. Buy yours here.