8 Ways to Style the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

The devil is in the detail to Jack Ovadia, the founder of Ovadia Design Group, a man who has worked on a plethora of diverse projects from the office of Sephardic Bikur Holim to projects for designer Reem Acra to Tarte Cosmetics. Now, this stylish guy is lending bachelors a hand by revealing eight ways of styling the ultimate bachelor’s pad with what he refers to as “Bachelor Pad Styling 101.” See how this design aficionado incorporates fresh ideas and designs and breaks the traditional mold of bachelor pad styling below.

Jack Ovadia
Jack Ovadia


  1. You must establish yourself and your identity before creating your bachelor pad. This can be by conceptualizing color palettes, furniture concepts and room layouts. It is essential to introduce color as well as textures (not all leather furniture) to the space.
  2. The ultimate bachelor pad must have a separation between the bedroom and sitting area, even if it is a studio apartment (ie. a bookcase).
  3. Must have a bar/entertainment setup/display. This should be simple and clean, ideally made out of wood and metal or something along those lines. On the bar cart/bar you should display a nice tray with no more than 4 bottles which should be a different variety
  4. There should be some type of audio/music system setup. You never want to be caught entertaining with a plug in iPhone speaker!
  5. Dining Table/Room is a necessity for entertaining/dinner as well as card playing.
  6. Plants – Succulents essential, softens but also creates a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere
  7. Invest in: Boxes to put things away (i.e remote controls). You want everything to loo neat and organized, Bedding, Small Library to show you have interest in something other than yourself!
  8. One piece that makes a statement. You want to invest in one piece that really speaks to who you are and your style, something that will ignite conversation whether it is a chair, pillow or rug.