7 Apps Haute New Yorkers Can’t Live Without

In the city there’s an app for just about everything. We all know and appreciate popular apps like Uber and Eat24, but there are so many more that together can cater to pretty much any need. Here’s a list of apps to help make your busy life in the city just a little bit easier.


New York is stepping up their dry cleaning game with FlyCleaners. This service provides on-demand pick-up and delivery service in as little as 20 minutes. What’s more is they are respectful of your busy schedule. They are open from 6AM to midnight every day of the week. All you do is sign up, have them pickup, clean and deliver it back to you at your convenience. Magic.

Avoid Humans
Sometimes you just want to be alone. The city’s tendency to have overpopulated streets can sometimes be a little overwhelming to say the least. This app says avoid them. Avoid Humans uses data from Foursquare and Instagram to give you the nearest places in your area with the least amount of people. Each location is color coded to let you know the current amount of humans that inhabit it. Whether you are seeking nightlife, food, coffee or refuge you can find out where to go that nobody else will know.

Exit Strategy
It can be hard to navigate the NYC subway when you’re in a rush and have stuff on your mind. This app not only helps you find your way, but most importantly helps you save time by telling you where to stand to shave minutes off your trip. We’ve all arrived at our stop only to find we are miles from the exit. Exit Strategy helps you avoid this problem and gets you where you’re going with a little time to spare.

A lot can happen in a New York minute. People are often too busy to go to scheduled events and happy hours. Well now you can create your own. Happy is an app that allows you to chose a spot, invite your people and create a 60 minute happy hour. They have a great list of participating restaurants and bars that are more than happy to make you happy, on your own time.

Sit or Squat
We all remember that time running down the street trying to find somewhere to use a bathroom that didn’t force me to buy a $5 bottle of water as an entrance fee. Sit or Squat is your answer. You can literally search, view and rate bathrooms around the city so that next time you’re on the go and have to go, you will have plenty of options.

Much like the name, ordering food with this app is actually seamless. Gone are the days when you had to sit up to type your online order at a laptop, now you can do it from the comfort of your bed. Seamless lets you order from an impressive collection of eats around the city all from your smartphone.

NYC Wifi + Coffee
There are two things every New Yorker needs most, Wifi and coffee. Don’t worry city citizens; there is an app for that too. NYC WIFI + COFFEE is the ultimate guide for people seeking places to work. From coffee shops to parks and libraries this app has it all. Their selection of spots was specially curated to ensure a peaceful and resourceful work environment.