5 Places You Must Eat When Visiting Harrods

Harrods has it all. It’s one of the only places where the finest foods and fashions intertwine for what is a truly luxurious experience. Of all the fine dining options they possess, these are the fairest of them all.

The newest eatery on the Harrods block is Tartufi & Friends. It is certainly fitting that the food hall now boasts it’s very own truffle lounge. That’s right, all truffle everything. With flagship restaurants in Milan and Rome, this new spot will offer Harrods visitors a chance to explore Italian delicacies in a number of inventive forms. Think truffle honey, truffle martinis, truffle salt, and truffle tartar. You get the point; it’s amazing.

The Champagne Bar is a dangerously beautiful thing. On the one hand, there’s a selection of the best Champagne. On the other hand, there’s you an hour later buying ten new pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes you probably didn’t need but look so good. Regardless it is all in the name of Champagne. Harrods gets its bubbly for The Hostomme family exclusively. Hostomme has been noted in the Champagne region for over three centuries and have vineyards in premium locations on Côte des Blancs. The only thing better than the food they pair with your champagne is the fashion.

You’re in Harrods; it’s only natural to expect the best of everything. Which is why it should be no surprise that they have amazing gourmet pizza. The use of quality ingredients fresh from their food halls is only one of the beautiful things about their pies. Other reasons include wood-fired ovens, Quattro Formaggi and lobster toppings. The chefs will create these edible masterpieces right in front of your eyes.

You can always have some more macaroons. Ladurée gets this. The Parisian café is perfectly chic with an outdoor garden surrounded by the beautiful happenings of posh Knightsbridge. While they specialize in macaroons, the iconic tearoom also serves haute cuisine from an array of club sandwiches to a summer truffle omelette. This is of course after you’ve satisfied your macaroon quota for the day.

Ice Cream
Shopping is a workout. You have to carry around heavy bags, walk everywhere and change every ten seconds. In conclusion, you deserve a treat from the Ice Cream Parlour. Treats in this case mean scrumptious sundaes, shakes and a choice of 13 traditional gelato and sorbet flavors. Being Harrods and all, you can be sure that they only use the finest of ingredients. You better scream for Harrods ice cream.