VIDA Downtown’s Arabic Culinary Journey

Take a culinary journey during Ramadan at VIDA Downtown Dubai. At 3in1, the hotel’s charming and contemporary restaurant dressed all in white, a variety of flavorful and traditional dishes are presented, including a delicious set menu.

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In an attempt to cut down on food wastage, the restaurant hasn’t opted for a full-fledged buffet, like many other venues in the UAE. in Offered is a flavorful spread of Ifar dishes, including a wide variety of saj, salads, appetizers, deserts, dry fruits and hand crafted beverages designed specifically for the Ramadan season.

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Guests can relax and relish the laid back and chic surroundings of VIDA Downtown Dubai. Indoor seating exudes an elaborate Arabic décor, featuring intricate Arabic lanterns around every corner. After Iftar, guests can continue their evening onto the terrace where they can enjoy shisha along VIDA’s s fashionable pool deck and lounge, relaxing in a gorgeous cabana and taking in the heart of Downtown Dubai.

VIDA Downtown Dubai’s Ramadan Journey is available throughout the Holy Month, from sunset until 10pm.

Tel: +971 44286888