Royal Selangor Opens UK Flagship On King’s Road To Celebrate 130th Anniversary

One of the biggest ‘unknown known brands’ in the UK market, Royal Selangor is celebrating a milestone 130th anniversary of the family business this year and to mark the occasion this summer, a London Flagship store on the King’s Road is being added to its global portfolio of stores.

The store – a fusion of modern design and traditional craft – will showcase everything from the stunning Melon-shaped teapots, inspired by an original piece created by the brand’s founder, to  timeless modern heirlooms in the collections of decanters, bottle-stops, champagne flutes, tumblers, bowls, teapots, coffee pots, jugs, cutlery, pitchers, trays, vases, frames, platters, candlesticks and objets. Think treasured keepsakes and investment pieces with heritage and craft at the heart, in our throwaway world.

Royal Selangor Chateau Collection
Royal Selangor Chateau Collection

Famed and loved throughout Asia, Royal Selangor is to pewter what Swarovski is to crystal, Wedgwood to china and Montblanc to penmanship. Pewter is the fourth most precious metal commercially traded after platinum, gold and silver. As silver has hallmarks, pewter has touch marks. First used in China more than 2000 years ago, pewter is an ancient material, examples of which have been recorded dating back over 3,500 years.

The UK has only been privy to a tiny element of the beautiful and skilled craftsmanship and design Royal Selangor is celebrated for throughout Asia. The UK flagship store will allow the brand to showcase its finest works and surprise people with the breadth of its collections and the evident craftsmanship required to create each individual piece.

Royal Selangor Flagship interior image 2

Established in 1885, with direct descendants of the founder still at the helm, Royal Selangor is now 130 years old and sold in more than 20 countries. In the 19th Century, gold lured people to California. In Malaysia it was tin. At just 11 years of age Yong Koon became an apprentice pewtersmith, going on to join his brothers, who had already established themselves as tinsmiths. Just as Fortnum & Mason began with candles, the Yong brothers began with pewter incense burners, joss stick holders and candle stands, for those anxious to have the gods on their side. And so the journey of the Royal Selangor brand began.

Royal Selangor has also collaborated with luxury brands such as LVMH to create exclusive champagne accessories and commissioned to create winners trophies for several high profile sporting events such as Formula One and the Shanghai ATP Masters.

Royal Selangor Pewter Hipflask
Royal Selangor Pewter Hipflask

With immense respect and unparalleled understanding of the material, the highly skilled craftspeople of Royal Selangor continue to explore the possibilities and push the boundaries of design to develop its collections. As the brand embraces a new era, adding further modern contemporary styles to its designer homeware, barware, ornamental décor and gifts, each addition remains true to the brand’s heritage and demonstrates the skilled craftsmanship of those that created it.