Miami Shines a Little Brighter with ALO Diamonds

ALO.jpgTalented designer Alojz Rysavy founded ALO Diamonds, a brand that specializes nno

nn statement-making fine jewelry. ALO Diamonds is the premiere jeweler for Central Europe and throughout the years the brand has become an international diamond empire as a result of Rysavy focusing strictly on craftsmanship and utilizing the best materials. In 2013, ALO Diamonds opened its first overseas location in Miami. The Miami boutique looks like something out of a fairytale, where old Europe comes alive with a whimsical, floral design. Prices are dreamy too—patrons will find an array of stunning treasures at ALO Diamonds, ranging from rings, earrings, and necklaces, to bracelets and brooches.

Owner of ALO Diamonds Alojz Rysavy

Since its inception in Europe in 1995, ALO diamonds has been producing glamorous jewelry for women that want something that stands out. As Founder Rysavy says, “As we looked at where to take our first international step, Miami emerged as the [best] choice. The natural beauty, international glamour and discerning clientele of Miami all combined to create an amazing opportunity for our brand. We look forward to many years of continued growth with this special community.” ALO diamonds is an ideal fit for the vibrant and glam culture of Miami, and is proud to celebrate their second anniversary as an international brand in the Magic City.

ALO DulcianoALO Diamonds specializes in a flawless cut, which transforms a rough diamond into a dazzling jewel and makes all the difference in a stone’s sparkle. ALO Diamond’s collections, feature precious stones, pearls, and garnets. All pieces are handmade in one of the largest jewelry studios in Europe, utilizing innovative patterns by Rysavy and the most modern technologies. Each ALO Diamonds masterpiece comes with a certificate of authenticity and features quality diamonds, pearls, and gems set in gold.

The brand purchases their prized possessions from the Antwerp Exchange to create their pieces. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then ALO Diamonds is our newest BFF.
Visit ALO Diamonds boutique: 7535 N Kendall, Dr, Miami, FL

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