Is Pistachio the Latest Flavor Trend? Try These Pistachio-Flavored Desserts From NYC

Remember when we were all obsessed with anything pumpkin-flavored? Then, it was all about matcha. And lately, pistachio is cracking out of its shell and making its way onto dessert menus in New York City.

Could pistachio be the next flavor trend? These desserts from cafés, pastry shops, and restaurants in Manhattan will likely have you craving this distinctively green flavor if you haven’t already been.

Pistachio Bostok
Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring Street
(212) 219-2773

bostockPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dominique Ansel Baker

Dominique Ansel’s pistachio bostok is made by soaking brioche in an orange blossom syrup; topping it with a pistachio frangipane, caramelized pistachios, and orange zest; and dusting it with powdered sugar. ($4.25)


Pistachio Macaron
398 West Broadway
(646) 392-7868

PistachePhoto Credit: Courtesy of Ladurée

The pistachio macaron from Ladurée is a classic flavor that melts in your mouth. ($2.80)


Pistachio Éclair
Maison Kayser
921 Broadway
(212) 979-1600

jW9qS0IraziXFogL6XufTl7kZ_IuePquAxOC31QXEikPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Maison Kayser

This pretty éclair at Maison Kayser is filled with pistachio cream, glazed with pistachio icing, and sprinkled with pieces of pistachio. ($4.75)


Pistachio Cake
239 Centre Street
(212) 226–0700

IMG_4124-EditPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Maman

A slice of Maman’s vibrant pistachio cake, which is topped with pistachio flakes and smoothed over with pistachio icing, will expand your French pallet. ($3.50)


Salted Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich
Refinery Rooftop
63 W 38th St
(646) 664-0372

Chunky pistachio ice cream is sandwiched between two salted dark chocolate cookies in this zesty ice cream sandwich by Refinery Rooftop. ($7)


Pistachio Sundae
136 West 55th Street
(212) 265-4000

Abboccato_PistachioSundaePhoto Credit: Courtesy of Abboccato

Creamy scoops of pistachio gelato are cupped in a chocolate shell, topped with a dollop of whipped cream, drizzled with pistachio syrup, and complimented by chocolate crisps in the pistachio sundae at Abboccato. ($8)