Haute Iftar Hot Spots: Dubai’s Best Luxury Hotel Events

Iftar at Burj Al Arab

During Ramadan each year, Dubai’s most luxurious hotels hold exquisite and elaborate feasts for Suhoor and Iftar daily. Last week I profiled the hottest Ramadan tents in Dubai, so this week I’m featuring the most fabulous luxury hotel Iftars and Suhoors.

During Ramadan 2015, Burj Al Arab, the Ritz-Carlton, and Delphine at The H Dubai are the places not to be missed for Iftars and Suhoors.

Iftar at Burj Al Arab

Iftar at Burj Al Arab
There is plenty for your senses to feast upon while taking Iftar at Burj Al Arab and enjoying exquisite culinary delights.

Photo Credit: Jumeirah.com

This year Burj Al Arab is partnering with Rolls-Royce for a sumptuous Iftar spread that you won’t want to miss. The two luxury brands are certainly a match made in heaven, as both are known for their opulence as well as their prestige.

Guests are guided down the hotel’s fabulous staircase while taking in both tiers of the architectural wonder that is the Al Falak ballroom. The space is designed in the style of a Viennese opera house from the 18th century, and it has been transformed into a Majlis complete with tents modeled in the Arabesque style.

The Iftar buffet includes elaborate delicacies from the hotel’s award-winning team of chefs, and the grandeur of it all is topped off with live Arabic music.

Iftar and Suhoor at the Ritz-Carlton

Iftar at Ritz-Carlton
Enjoy international cuisine for Iftar or an a la carte menu for Suhoor at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai during Ramadan 2015.

Photo Credit: Ritz-Carlton Dubai

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai is offering a unique take on Ramadan this year with a culinary voyage around the world. The hotel’s Caravan restaurant features an Arabian oasis theme and offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

For Iftar, the hotel’s chefs have taken traditional dishes and beverages from many countries which celebrate Ramadan, including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and others, and given them a unique twist. Among the menu offerings are the popular Indonesian dish nasi goreng, Indian tandoori, and Malaysian beef rending. The Ritz-Carlton’s talented chef team also offers new and exciting Arabian dishes like Emirati lamb ouzi, Moroccan mobakar lamb and Kebbah tart. Guests can finish their meal with taffy lollipops with date syrup, dried fruit, and nuts.

For Suhoor, the Ritz-Carlton is offering an a la carte menu featuring both international and Arabic dishes, in addition to more than 25 different shisha flavors.

Iftar at the H Dubai

Iftar at Delphine
You’ll want to stop at Delphine several times during Ramadan to enjoy Iftar fare from around the Arab world.

Photo Credit: The H Hotel

Our last hotel on the list is Delphine at the H Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. What’s remarkable about Delphine’s Iftar offerings is that the hotel restaurant is taking diners on a culinary trip around the Arab world each night of the week.

Iftar starts with sharing mezze, then guests stop at the live cooking stations to enjoy that particular day’s cuisine. The chefs are serving up Emirati Ramadan dishes on Sundays and Moroccan fare on Mondays. Tuesdays bring food from Syria, while Wednesdays feature food from Turkey. Thursday diners are treated to Egyptian cuisine, while Friday guests will feast on Lebanese food. Delphine’s chefs serve up Iranian food on Saturdays.