Gingerline Invites You to The Secret Island

Immersive dining specialist Gingerline invites you to embark on an outlandish journey to The Secret Island, a terrain between art, theatre, food, design and time-travel. An experimental multidimensional dining adventure involving four food courses and one drink experience, The Secret Island lies in a hidden location along the East London Line.


This journey to, not just one parallel reality, but a sequence of contrasting dining dimensions, each containing a mouth-watering course of mysterious deliciousness courtesy of Gingerline costs £50pp + booking fee, with dining times from 5.30pm-9.00pm and a meal experience of almost 2 hours.

Tickets are extremely limited, so if you’ve been lucky (and brave) enough to secure your place you will be texted at 4pm with details of the hidden gathering point. At your appointed time you will travel by ‘ferry’ to The Secret Island…Good luck!