Forrey & Galland Reveals Ramadan Collection

With the Holy Month of Ramadan now upon us, so is the season for gifting. Luxury chocolatier Forrey & Galland, the premium gourmet chocolate and confectionary house, presents its Ramadan and Eid collection with a range of luxurious and artistically designed packages. Unwrap these chic treasure boxes and explore an array of lavish pleasures.

Forrey & Galland Full Hamper - Ramadan Collection

This year, Forrey & Galland’s team of florists and designers have concocted a new style of hamper for Ramadan. The intricately crafted round box comes with delightful goodies. From the turquoise and purple packaging to the elegant silky ribbons, these elaborate boxes boast a range of pure sweet indulgence. Unfold the bow to discover an enchanting floral bliss, and uncover this layer to enjoy a selection of scrumptious delicacies from an assortment of appetizing chocolates and macaroons. To add a personal touch to their Forrey & Galland hampers, customers can handpick the sweets hidden underneath the stunning garden of dazzling flowers.

Other signature styles also make their way into the Forrey & Galland’s collection with round and square boxes adorned with vibrant flowers. Being the first to launch the trend of combining flowers and chocolates, these boxes contain the brand’s best selling ganaches and Arabic sweets carefully curated from the finest ingredients to ensure freshness and excellence.

These hampers encompass more then just chocolates. They also contain a Forrey & Galland scented candle, crispy and buttery vanilla sable biscuits and a bottle of Gold Emotion for that sparkly touch. Once the sweets have been relished in, this keepsake wonderful box can be used to store precious items around the house making it the perfect gift to offer during this blessed season, a gift that can be used forever.

While fasting from sunrise to sunset is mandatory during Ramadan, it is also a month of generosity and compassion towards the less fortunate. In the spirit of giving, Forrey & Galland will be partaking in a charitable initiative by donating part of its sales proceedings to a local charity supported by the winner of the Forrey & Galland Ramadan designer competition held during the month of May.