Diamond Whites On a Mission to Get British Smiles Sparkling

Diamond Whites is on a mission to get the UK sparkling with its salon-based and mobile teeth whitening services. Enlisting the charms of TOWIE star Jess Wright as face of the brand, Diamond Whites is determined to dominate the teeth whitening sector. The continued and growing demand for this service in Britain is on the increase and the popularity of the treatment over the past couple of years has allowed the Diamond Whites team to expand quickly across the UK – ensuring that there will be a base near you.


So what’s really involved? First and foremost it has to be noted that all of the Diamond Whites products are strictly non peroxide and are 100% compliant with all EU Laws, including the products offered via the online shop (www.diamondwhites.co.uk) such as the do-it-yourself At Home Whitening Kit. Much controversy surrounds the teeth whitening industry, with certain practitioners using dangerously high levels of chemicals that can lead to permanent damage. However, Diamond Whites is a gentle take on teeth whitening, using a trusted methods that will not harm your teeth.

The mobile service is a fantastic idea – whether you’re tight or fancy a day in, it’s a treat to experience this procedure at home. My therapist Roxanne (@diamondwhites1 @rox_tans) arrives all smiles; professional and bright, she’s clearly au fait with the system and preps immediately. After signing a form, the procedure begins with Roxanne noting down the current shade of my teeth. It’s not too bad, but theres plenty of room for improvement.

Diamond Whites 1[1]

Once decided, I’m biting down into a gum shield filled with paste and popping on a pair of dentist-issue sunglasses before lying back onto my sofa with a white-light lamp aimed at my mouth. There’s no pain, discomfort, or even anxiety; it really is that simple. Twenty minutes later, time is up and a fresh gum shield is popped in and the process begins again.

Diamond Whites 2

A forty-minute treatment in all, the experience is over in an hour and I’m pleased to report that my gnashers were deemed an entire eight shades whiter. This is the average jump, although it can vary on the individual. Are my teeth Hollywood white? No, afraid not. However they are definitely brighter and with a  slick of red lipstick the improvement is clear. That said, this treatment only targets the front four teeth on both upper and lower jaw, so if you’ve got a wide mouth there’s a chance your teeth will be two-tone, which is not ideal for obvious reasons.

Diamond Whites is a fabulous entry level introduction to teeth whitening, and with a range of packages to suit most pockets, you’ve no excuse not to flash a sparkling smile this summer.