Why You Need Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Right Now

Everyone wants top-shelf experiences, but it takes time and local knowledge to make connections to get them. Not to mention the time it takes to make plans. That’s when the thriving new business of lifestyle concierge comes in. Experts at the helm can step into any situation and make their members’ lives totally hassle-free.

WGY Lifestyle
Meet WGY, a full-service lifestyle management company based in Miami. WGY stand’s for “We Got You,” and they do. They provide the highest level of service to clients and personalization down to the most intimate detail. Clients include Silicon Vally executives, Financiers, major recording artists and successful people who use the company to manage their day-to-day lives.

WGY’s suite of services run the gamut from reservations at hard-to-book restaurants to personal shopping and full-scale event planning. Naturally,WGY books private jets and can get you a luxe yacht for the day. Best of all, they are available to their monthly retainer clients 24/7, 365 days a year, but nobody has to know but you. “We pride ourselves on having utmost discretion,” says WGY’s Co-Founder, Justin Keeperman. This lifestyle management company prides themselves on convenience, exclusivity, access, and being able to make all your wishes come true.

Luxury Attaché
Luxury attache
Luxury Attaché is a concierge management company that caters to elite individuals in the real estate, entertainment, corporate, hospitality, and fashion industries. Founder and CEO Jenene Ronick is quite the expert when it comes to concierge services and lifestyle management. Luxury Attaché attracts high net worth clients with its country-wide personalized service. Residential, hospitality, corporate, destination management, or travel, Luxury Attaché offers customized services for each.

Need a last-minute reservation at one of the most popular restaurants in the city? No problem, this luxury lifestyle concierge brand is ready to do the heavy lifting for each client within their portfolio. Luxury Attaché is all about convenience and unparalleled experiences. Clients include Town Residential, Google, Madison Square Garden, and Sotheby’s.

Quintessentially offers award-winning concierge services and is recognized as the world’s leading Private Members’ Club. No matter where members are, they can feel at ease knowing that Quintessentially will handle any request 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Need that Black Hermes Birkin handbag delivered to you within 48 hours? Piece of cake. Or if you just need your usual restaurant reservation, hotel booking, real estate assistance, or entry to the best parties during Art Basel, that can be worked out too.

Quintessentially is well aware that their clients live very busy lives, which is why they take care of the nitty-gritty so clients can indulge in the things they enjoy most. Luxury brand partners of the club include British Airways, Audi, Jaguar and HSBC Private Bank.