Why This All-You-You-Can-Fly Private Plane Membership Is The Best

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A new start-up is marrying high-end service with air travel to create and ultra-luxe experience. Beacon, a new air service, offers an all-you-can-fly membership in the northeast.

For $2,000 a month, a Beacon member will be able to fly as often as he or she wants with quick and easy booking by way of the Beacon app or a concierge. Memberships include access to private aviation terminals on Pilatus PC-12 or the King Air 350i executive aircraft. A personalized concierge will greet you as well as provide assistance with ground transportation, travel logistics and additional amenities. In addition, members will have access to exclusive members-only events, a member network and more.

Additionally, you can book four flights at a time and have access to guest passes. For an extra $1,200 a month you can add a family member. Bacon will also offer corporate memberships.

Booking is easy with Beacon. Simply, download the Beacon app, select your departure city and arrival city, check the availability, and just like that you’re read to jet-set. You no longer will have to endure long lines. Essentially, Beacon is looking to eliminating the chaos of traveling.

Like Surf Air, the California-based airline that provides unlimited flights for a fixed monthly fee, Beacon will do the same for the northeast. It will operate between New York and Boston year-round as well as seasonal haute spots Nantucket and the Hamptons. However, unlike Surf Air, Beacon will not own its aircrafts. It plans to partner with companies that already owns and operate private jets.

Three of four Beacon’s founders Wade Eyerly, Cory Cozzens and Reed Farnsworth were all part of launching Surf Air, so they know a thing or two about membership-based flying.

Thus far, the company has already garnered $3 million in pre-sales.

The goal is to operate 15 to 20 flights per day, so you no longer have endure long waiting periods if you miss your flight. Each flight will accommodate six to 10 people.

The inaugural requirement entails a 90-day commitment. Following the 90 days, it becomes month-to-month.

If you’re interested in traveling in a private jet without the hassle of owning one, which we know you are, visit Beacon’s website.

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