These Ultra-Luxe Treehouses Are More Than Child’s Play

Birr Castle Tree House.
Birr Castle Tree House.

We spend a lot of money on our precious little ones, and these ultra-luxe treehouses would make a fine gift…that will cost $2,335,000.

According to Blue Forest, a company that specializes in crafting luxury tree houses, play areas and eco-lodges, Director Simon Payne, the company contracts more than $777,912 in private tree house contracts and more than $2,335,000 in commercial projects.

The Nook Tree House includes a jacuzzi.
The Nook Tree House includes a jacuzzi.

So what is in the little ones’ playhouse? Payne told Daily Mail, “Some of the best extra touches include a 25m long adventurous slide through the woodland, James Bond style CCTV control system, a 100m long zip wire, secret rooms, home cinemas, hot tubs, a 10m tall fairytale towers, indoor labyrinths mazes, water slides and underground tunnel.”

Pensthorpe WildRootz Adventure Play
Pensthorpe WildRootz
Adventure Play

However, tree decks, rope bridges, slides, climbing nets, climbing walls, baskets and pulleys, fireman’s poles, swings, tunnels, zip wires, secret rooms and sleeping lofts are all popular amenities for the young, rich and fabulous.

Of course, the children of the uber-rich will need parental supervision. Many adults are also adding amenities for themselves such as decks, which may include an area large enough for essentials like a table and chairs. If parents opt for an inside area, they may include seating, underfloor heating and electricity.

Interior of the Alice and Wonderland Tree House
Interior of the Alice in Wonderland Tree House
Adventure Playground for the Adventure Play Tree House
Adventure Playground for the Adventure Play Tree House

Payne and his team has designed a number of themed play areas like a Pirate Tree House, an Adventure Playground Tree House, an “Alice in Wonderland Tree House,” which was crafted for a wealthy family in Spain. It includes air conditioning, a TV and space for toys and arts and crafts. There was also a tree house created in Surrey, England called The Sleepy Hollow, which includes a ground-based adventure play area with stepping-stones, a wobble bridge, climbing nets and a Tarzan swing.

Cost of a Blue Forest tree house may start at £20,000 ($31,089.20).

(Photos via Blue Forest)