Bunga Bunga Introduces Superfood Summer Pizzas

On Monday, 1st June, Bunga Bunga ‘ an Englishman’s Italian Bar, Pizzeria and Karaoke’ will unveil a brand new Superfood Pizza menu that is brimming with invigorating ingredients fit for a super hero.


Created by head chef, Alexis de Naray, Bunga Bunga’s new Superfood Pizzas are made with the freshest farm-to-table ingredients and packed with nutrients that will have guests feeling like champions. The limited edition Superfood pizzas are made with both gluten free and six seed crust that are lower in carbs than traditional flour dough crusts. The distinctive Superfood Pizzas will be available with a range of toppings and delectable bases, including a San Marzano sauce made with Italy’s most famous plum tomatoes, grown in Campania, home of pizza since the Middle Ages, a creamy Greek Yogurt sauce and a white parmesan sauce.


For those like to take a walk on the spicier side of life, there are two savoury options with the San Marzano base, topped with King prawns, fresh chilli, fresh ginger and fresh coriander as well as a sweet potato, butternut squash, spicy chicken breast, fresh garlic and black kale, the most traditional kale used in Italian cuisine.

Prefer a sweeter option? Bunga Bunga has created a beetroot, goat cheese, pumpkin seed and fresh spinach Superfood pizza made with a creamy Greek yogurt base as well as a courgette, low-fat mozzarella, pecorino, pine nut, and fresh rocket Superfood Pizza drizzled in manuka honey on a white sauce base.

Exclusive to Bunga Bunga, guests will have the chance to experience these guilt-free pleasures all summer long from June to the end of August.