5 Tips for Planning a Haute Graduation Party


Graduation season is upon. It’s that time of year again to honor our loved ones for their hard work and dedication. With diplomas almost in hand and graduation caps about to be hoisted into the air, we turned to Elegant Affairs CEO Andrea Correale to provide you haute tips for planning a graduation party.

Vodka Lemonade

1. Minimize cost at the bar, by simply serving signature summer cocktails like a vodka lemonade. Place the drink in a glass bell jar and allow your guests to help themselves. Do the same with soft drinks. Purchase a bunch of glass mason jars with lids and fill them with homemade iced tea and lemonade. Present them in ice buckets stationed around property.

outdoor tents

2. Since many graduation parties are held outside, make sure you have a solid rain plan in place. I don’t recommend rain dates because you tend to lose a lot of guests. Have a good solid plan to have a tent or make sure your event location also has an indoor area, if needed.

outdoor party

3. Since these parties usually take place in late spring or early summer take advantage of the warmer temperature.  Start the party 2-3 hours before the sunsets so your guests can really enjoy the temperature.


4. Plan a menu that won’t keep you slaving at the barbecue all day. Perhaps hire or recruit someone to do the grilling and keep the majority of the food room temperature and this will alleviate stress.


5. Ice is not only the last item to check off the to-do list, but also it is a pain to get the day of the celebration. Instead, delegate this task ahead or call and schedule a delivery.  A caterers’ rule of thumb for drinking and chilling: for a five-hour party you’ll need five pounds of ice.

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