5 Haute Spots in Dallas to Nurture Your Inner Don Draper

best-cocktails-dallas-haute-livingPhoto Credit: torbakhopper

Classic cocktails are currently in style, if they ever went out of style that is.

If you don’t know who Don Draper is, or haven’t heard of the show, Mad Men, then you’ve either been living under a cactus in West Texas or you are Amish. The show has made all things 1960 popular once again, and by all things I mean classic cocktails. Martinis, Old Fashioneds, and all of those other drinks that men in suits sip on at the bar are all back in vogue.

So, where can you go for an evening of retro style cocktails, little black dresses, and a corporate merger or two? Right here in Dallas there are some of the best cocktail venues in the country. Here are five that you won’t want to miss!

Bowen House
Feeling adventurous? Head for Bowen House where you won’t find a bar menu but the mixologists will hand craft a cocktail especially for you, based on your tastes and preferences. And, oh those cocktails! Crafted from an extensive collection of liquors, house-made syrups, fresh fruit, and herbs – even the ice is crushed by hand. You can get the classics you love if you are one of those people who doesn’t like surprises. Just know what you want before you go.

Cozy booths, red and gold wallpaper, dark woods, velvet chairs, and chandeliers entice you to linger at Parliament enveloped in a cozy, country house warmth. The cocktail menu is extensive – ranging from time tested classics to updated cocktails that are simply brilliant.

Nickel and Rye
Nickel and Rye brings the relaxed, upscale gastro pub to Dallas with aplomb. In a bevy of Uptown bars this one stands out for their exquisitely handcrafted libations. Consider, if you will, the Maple Bacon Manhattan made with applewood smoked bacon infused bourbon, Margarum Amaro, maple syrup, and candied bacon. Or, perhaps you’d prefer a simple whiskey on the rocks? Choosing a whiskey from the extensive menu is going to take some time.

The Standard Pour
If you’re looking for a comfy neighborhood bar like Cheers then The Standard Pour is the place to be. Warm, cozy ambiance. The craft cocktails are some of the best Dallas has to offer. Try the Bourbon Root Fizz with Buffalo Trace, root beer, and cream for an adult version of the root beer float. If your tastes run to the more elegant and traditional order the Tom and Huck, an update on gin and tonic with Old Tom gin, huckleberry vermouth, and tonic.

The Mitchell
The Mitchell sounds like an upscale 1960s men’s club and if you are craving that kind of elegant vibe you’ll love it here. Don Draper would feel right at home. They boast an entire page of gin and tonics, all so intriguing that it’s impossible to choose. Just close your eyes and point. Choose oysters or caviar to go with your drinks and bring your best credit card.