Yellow Minions Inspire London Designers

A team of London-based labels and designers have created capsule collections of clothes and accessories to celebrate those inexplicably cute and wonderful yellow minions, who first came to our screens in the Despicable Me films. The collaborations are in celebration of the spin-off film, “Minions,” which sees the little creatures take part in an adventure all of their own, set to hit UK screens in June.

Rupert Sanderson, Giles Deacon, Piers Atkinson, Tatty Devine and Criminal Damage, all London labels, as well as SJYP, a new denim South Korean brand, have taken the minions as points of inspiration for this very special series of collections. Yellow is the order of the day, given that the creatures are a bright shade of this colour, and some of the innovative designs include beanie hats with a minion character pom-pom, jeans with minion motifs and shift dresses and T-shirts embellished and printed with various minion elements, created by Giles Deacon. The designer explained that he also partly took London in the ’60s as his inspiration for the pieces, given that the film follows the chronological (and comical) rise of the creatures through the decades, serving a wide array of villains.

Formed as a partnership between Illumination Entertainment, which produces the Despicable Me films, and Universal Partnerships & Licensing, the range has been conceived as “a collection of fashion-forward pieces that will appeal to the brand’s young adult and adult fans,” according to Jamie Stevens, executive vice president, global retail development Universal Partnerships & Licensing. “We took inspiration from the London setting of the…film and partnered with several U.K. designers we felt could accurately translate the sweet and subversive personality of the Minions to fashion,” he added.

Look out for the pieces when they drop at Selfridges in London and Manchester on June 11, after which they will hit global stores, starting with Colette in Paris in July.