Sonya Molodetskaya: Inside San Francisco’s Waterbar

Very often I am asked about my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. I don’t cook at home (in fact I don’t cook at all) and being a very social person, I dine out every night.

So, here and there, I will give you my opinions on the different restaurants I prefer to go to, and the reasons why.

A shot of the bar at Waterbar

In SF we are blessed with a great weather all year around but still not warm enough to sit outside. But when those days are here, where is the best place to be outside enjoying glass of wine and fresh seafood?

My pick is Waterbar, which is located on waterfront and has gorgeous views of the iconic Bay bridge.  

Fresh oysters and sustainable seafood and heated lamps (in case you stay after sunset) make an al fresco meal incredibly enjoyable.IMG_4118

The kitchen at Waterbar

Pete Sittnick, managing partner behind Waterbar and the sister restaurant, Epic Roasthouse, is always on his job. In fact, I don’t remember being there and not hearing his voice somewhere in the restaurant entertaining clients, telling the jokes or making sure things are in order.  

Pete Sittnick next to the spectacular aquarium at Waterbar

My girlfriend Heidi Pettit of Glodow Nead Communications PR and I enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Waterbar restaurant the other day when the weather was perfect. Instead of scheduled 90-minute lunch, we stayed for three hours catching up, laughing with Pete and eating “everything under the sun,” literary! 

Heidi Pettit, Pete Sittnick, and Sonya Molodetskaya