Relax While You Fly: The 6 Best Airport Spas Across the Globe

Traveling can be incredibly rewarding and relaxing, but it can also be super stressful. Layovers, red-eyes and long lines can drive even the most spirited wayfarer a bit crazy. Luckily, most major airports have luxury spas and lounges with treatments that cater to frequent flyers who need a little relaxation before their next long flight. Here are some of our favorite airport spas from around the world

Absolute Spa

Absolute Spa
Vancouver International Airport
The rigors of travel are no joke, which is why Absolute Spa offers specific treatments for frequent flyers. Travelers can enjoy a Jet Lag Recovery Anti Swelling Leg Treatment, which uses pink grapefruit, juniper berry and rosemary to purify  legs and reduce fluid retention after a long flight. It’s the perfect way to reset after a flight across time zones.

The Jetsetter Spa
Miami-Dade International airport
Tired wayfarers that find themselves in the Miami-Dade International Airport can stop by the Jetsetter Spa. Available treatments include a “Breeze” facial, which manages to pack a full facial treatment into a swift 20 minutes — perfect for travelers that need a quick refresh before boarding a flight to their next adventure. For those with more time to spare, there are other, more extensive options available.

Elemis Travel Spa

Elemis Travel Spa
London Heathrow Airport/JFK International Airport
Available in both New York and London, Elemis Travel Spa offers a bevy of massages, manicures, and facials designed with the traveler in mind. For men, the spa offers the Deep Clean Aviator Special, which combines innovative sonic cleansing and high-potency actives to fight the effects of flying. The Elemis Travel Spa also offers treatments like the “Firm Up and Fly” which uses skin-lifting technology to help smooth and contour your skin, and the Jet Leg Eye Reliever to help soothe tired eyes after a long flight.

Wellness Spa
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
The Wellness Spa at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia is one of Asia’s premiere relaxation destinations. Founded in Hong Kong, with sister locations in Singapore and now Malaysia, Wellness Spa claims to be the world’s first fully organic airport spa. Environmentally conscious visitors can enjoy a number of treatments, all designed to fit into a busy itinerary.

Six Senses Spa

Six Senses Spa
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Travelers flying Etihad Airways can enjoy a number of quick, 15 minute treatments designed to fit in-between a quick layover. Travelers can enjoy spa treatments like “The Hedonist,” a gentle massage of pressure points that releases stress and inducing relaxation, or the “Face Radiance,” which can fight the effects of environmental stress by combining a gentle cleanse with a smooth exfoliation and hydrating toner.

Emirates Timeless Spa

Emirates Timeless Spa
Dubai International Airport
Flying Dubai’s Emirates airlines has never been more comfortable. The Dubai International Airport boasts three Timeless Spa locations, and each offers express services that are perfect for busy travelers, including mini-manicures, basic hairstyling, and back massages. The “Desert Aroma Massage” allows visitors to relax and achieve a deep sense of calm with a massage performed with a selection of aromatic essential oils inspired by the desert.