Q&A with Derek DeGrazio — Founder of Workout Sensation Barry’s Bootcamp

Derek DeGrazio
Derek DeGrazio

We know you want to meet the man who whipped Britney back into shape and maintains the figures of a host of celebs including Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Katie Couric, Juliette Lewis. Meet mega-trainer Derek DeGrazio, founder of Barry’s Bootcamp, the poshest tough workout with location in West Hollywood, New York City, the Hamptons, Nashville, London, and now Miami Beach. These intense classes are formulated to achieve the greatest fat loss and calorie burn—up to 1,000 calories in a single workout.

When you started Barrys what was your primary objective?

When I brought Barry’s to Miami Beach, I wanted to share the workout, the studio, the community – that changed my life. It is, without a doubt, “The Best Workout In The World,” surrounded with the best people in the world.


What is the biggest mistake people make when working out?

Over commitment. We like to buy into the “lose 10lbs today!” “get ripped now!” Not happening. But we do it – crash diet, workout 2-3x a day, pills pills pills, etc.. This is a recipe for disaster. It does not reflect a real lifestyle. This should be our goal: Make It A Lifestyle – workout 3-5x a week, eat healthy, drink water, laugh, smile, and you’ll be better than ever.


What does Barry’s do that is so different?

We give the client a personal training session in a group class atmosphere. If there are 40 people in a giving class, music blasting, red lights shining, clients ‘woo-ing’ – we make each client feel as though they are having a private training session with the instructor. With passion and professionalism, we personalize their experience.


Is the equipment different?

Yes, for instance, we use top-of-the-line customized Woodway Treadmills that have continuous cushioned support and cost well over $10K a piece.


Is it best to eat before or after working out?

Both. Fuel for your workout and recovery post workout. Be reasonable. I wouldn’t recommend a burger and fries. #leanandgreen

Barrys Class
Barrys Class

835 Purdy Ave.Miami Beach, FL 33139 http://www.barrysbootcamp.com/miami-beach/location