Paris Hilton Hits the Turntables at the Rehab Grand Opening

4.25_Paris_Hilton_at REHAB (2)Photo Credit: Chase Stevens/Kabik Photo Group

Rehab kicked off its 2015 grand opening at the Hard Rock Hotel  with a high-energy DJ set by Paris Hilton on Saturday and a performance by Flo Rida on Sunday.

The festivities heated up on Saturday when Hilton took the poolside stage wearing bedazzled gold headphones and a matching gold dress and heels. During her set, she interacted with partygoers and spun the latest beats while dancing behind the DJ booth. Hilton played her first recorded hit, “Stars are Blind,” for her day one fans and entered the crowd to take selfies with the guests. Before leaving, Hilton got on the mic and said, “I can’t wait to come back to REHAB because this place is amazing.”

On Sunday, Flo Rida kept the dayclub fired up as he performed “Good Feeling,” “G.D.F.R.,” “Club Can’t Handle Me,” “My House” and many more. Rapper Gorilla Zoe surprised guests when he joined Flo Rida on stage for their recent collaboration, “Red Cup.” After, Flo Rida sat on his friend’s shoulders and became one with the crowd while performing “Wild Ones.” Hotel guests watched from their balconies as he showered fans with champagne and led them in a “When I say I love, you say Hard Rock” chant before heading back to his VIP cabana.