Learn How You Can Customize Your Prada Heels


pradamto_decollete_3 (1)

There are few pleasures as sweet as snagging a highly sought after, limited edition piece from your favorite brand — but designing your own clothing that bares your favorite brand’s logo might be even sweeter. Prada is once again allowing customers to customize their own heels.


Starting in Hong Kong this week, select Prada stores around the city will allow fashionistas with a flair for design to create their own signature Prada heel. Fans that decide to embrace their inner-designer will be met with a dizzying number of options. Eight styles, eight materials, six heel heights and a number of different colors will be available, meaning that no two heels will be alike. Even classic Prada prints like octagons and lilies and tulips will be available in Saffiano print, patent leather and duchesse satin. Buyers will even be able to add their initials to the underside of the shoe in amber or steel colored metal, adding an extra personalized touch and ensuring that every inch of the heel is emblematic of the wearer.


Prada will be offering the service throughout the month of May, starting with the Alexandra House store from May 1 to the 7, the Pacific Place store from May 9 to the 15, and finishing up with the Elements mall store from May 17 to the 23. The customized heel will cost HK$6,250 ($2,096 US) and will take 60 days to be delivered.

(Via South China Morning Post)