India Hicks Launches Company

India Hicks, the British aristocrat who is 678th in line to the throne, announced her latest venture, which will include a new company as well as a range of bath, body and jewellery lines.

Together with Los Angeles-based partners Konstantin Glasmacher and Nicholas Keuper, a former senior partner at Boston Consulting Group, Hicks will be launching her new company, India Hicks London-Harbour Island. The designer and entrepreneur, who resides in the Bahamas with her husband, wanted to create a range of products that would be practical as well as accessible and beautiful. “I’ve had a healthy career in licensing, which is a very comfortable arrangement because there’s no risk to you, but you are controlled by others ultimately. I wanted more ownership over my brand but it does take guts because it’s a huge risk. I posted on my Instagram a picture of me jumping out of an airplane and said, ‘This is exactly how I feel right now.’ We’ll see if I need a parachute or not,” said Hicks of her decision to launch her own company and brand.

The daughter of esteemed interior designer David Hicks, India is keen to create a following around her products, travelling often to meet with and recruit style ambassadors who can spread the word about the range. “I’m keen to create a community for women who want to get back into the workforce but don’t know how and want to do it on their own terms,” Hicks said to WWD. “We are eight weeks old and we have 100 women signed up,” she adds. The bath and body line will consist of fragrances English Rose and Wild Spiderbelly which will be available as a perfume, as well as a rollerball pen, body lotion and body wash, among others. There will be scented with island botanicals to reflect the designer’s lifestyle. There will also be leather clutches, beetle-print scarves and charms inspired by the English pound coins. The complete range of jewellery will be available in August.