Haute Living Review: Sloane Men Invisible Undershirt

Is the Sloane Invisible Undershirt up to task? Find out.


Men have suffered through inadequate undershirts for as long as anyone can remember. The typical undershirt is simply too white for the large majority of flesh tones and stands out in all the wrong ways when placed under a light-colored dress shirt. Seeing the outline of a bunchy undershirt or tank top is the perfect way to ruin what could have otherwise been clean look. Luckily, there is hope for the sartorial among us…

Enter the “Invisible Undershirt” by Sloane Men, an item that promises to solve a host of issues with the everyday white undershirt. The shirt comes in three colors—”Sand,” “Scotch” and “Smoke” — which attempt to mimic a range of skin tones, so that when one wears the undershirt under a dress shirt, it won’t be visible. We decided to put the Sloane’s undershirt through the rigors of the 8 hour workday to see if the new product truly trumps the standard white undershirt nearly all men have begrudgingly grown accustomed to.

The Invisible Undershirt by Sloane Men in “Smoke”

Out of the package, the first thing you notice about the Sloane Men Undershirt shirt is how soft it is. The fabric feels downright supple in the hand. On the body, the shirt is just the right amount of clingy without being restrictive, thanks to the fabric’s blend of spandex and siro micro modal.

What’s truly remarkable about the Sloane Men Invisible Undershirt is how every little detail of the product was designed to address a particular issue with typical men’s undershirts. The collar slopes into a deep v-neck so one can unbutton the top few buttons of the shirt without revealing their undershirt, while the shirt’s stretchy fabric and long length helps to keep everything below the waistline tucked and tidy. Care was even put into the shirts seams, which are small and flat enough to go unnoticed even under a very slim dress shirt. Separately, these are small details, but they come together to make a huge difference in the wearability and appearance of the product.

And appearance is the paramount issue here. This is the “Invisible undershirt” after all, and Sloane’s biggest claim is that their shirt is near-imperceptible under a light colored dress shirts thanks to its range of flesh colored options. So how well does it disappear?

The typical white undershirt under a light dress shirt
The Invisible Undershirt by Sloane Men under the same dress shirt

Very well we’d say. the stark, bunchy fabric of the regular white undershirt is clearly visible under the dress shirt,  while the Sloane hides itself remarkably well. Wearing the Invisible Undershirt leads to a much cleaner look overall.


The Verdict
The Invisible Undershirt by Sloane Men is an elegant solution to a problem that most men don’t realize they have. Through thoughtful design, Sloane Men have intuitively addressed a number of problems that plague the everyday undershirt and created something that expertly fills a particular niche in menswear. The available three colors cover a wide range of skin tones, and the shirt remains comfortable after a long day of work meetings. It may be hard to ditch the standard department store 5-pack of white undershirts — We know, you’ve been buying them your entire life— but this may be worth the change.

The Invisible Undershirt by Sloane Men is available for $34 each