Givenchy’s New Shark Bag is Swoonworthy

shark bag 3

Channeling his inner oceanic side, Riccardo Tisci is going deep-sea diving for inspiration for his latest bag, “The Shark.”

Tisci, who is the creative director for Givenchy, has designed a structured, yet agile Shark bag. It features a faint asymmetrical form with clean and sharp lines. The black leather body penetrates the eye with both a modern and classic feel. The oversized flap adds a dash of depth. The metal clasp displays a shark-tooth like characteristic, which adds elegance and a hint of danger. With the addition of a shoulder strap, one can rock the bag in many ways including over the shoulder, tucked underneath the arm or carried in the hand like a clutch.



The apex predator first debuted in the fashion brand’s collection in 2012 for the Spring/Summer designs. Tisci’s Surfer Talisman was designed for dual use. It could be worn as oversized necklace or transformed into a sandals clasp. Following that season, Givenchy aficionados has seen the integration of shark-tooth into several collections either as pendants, cufflinks, earrings, surfer’s rings and a number of other items.

Originally unveiled in Givenchy’s pre-fall collection, the Shark bag is available in three sizes. It will come in an assortment of colors such as nude and black monochrome, brown studded leather and shadowy beige. In addition, there will be a variety of finishes.

According to Givenchy’s site, “for the Spring/Summer women’s collection Riccardo Tisci goes back to the seventies and his early days at the fashion brand. He gives a new fresh breath to the Givenchy attire and proposes a modern version of his rock couture style with a very graphic silhouette optimized by the black and white print.”

The Spring/Summer Givenchy woman is the quintessential amalgamation of all women who continues to inspire the Italian designer, as stated on Givenchy.

Ladies, get ready to channel your sexy, sensual, powerful and confident side with this new collection.

The new Shark bag is slated to make its debut in June.

(Main photo via Net-a-porter, additional photos via Yahoo)