Easy Fixes for 8 Summer Skin Problems

Let’s talk about summer skin: After a long, hard winter and a soggy start to spring, summer is finally on the way. Is your skin ready to bare all?

If not, no worries, here are eight products that will handle all your issues, no matter where they are.

Problem: Dry itchy bumps on legs and arms.
Solution: Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter ($120)
Got those red, scaly bumps on your arms or legs? Restorsea’s body butter is specially formulated to treat extremities and provide smooth, even-toned and hydrated skin.

This body butter is specifically formulated to provide instant relief from itchy, red and super-dry skin. It comforts with long-lasting nourishment moisture and feels great going on.

Problem: Ashy, dry facial skin
Solution: Cyto-luxe Hydration+ ($80)
The serum incorporates Dermatein HyA Mini, a hyaluronic acid with a smaller molecular size, to penetrate further into the skin than conventional ingredients.

This ability enables Cyto-luxe Hydration not only to nourish and hydrate, but to plump the extra-cellular matrix. Plant stem cells work deeply to rejuvenate and rebalance while Plankton Extract immediately refines skin’s surface.

Problem: Concerned about sun damage
Solution: Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme ($84)
This product has time on its side: it debuted in 1985 and has gained legions of fans that swear by it. The secret is the Super Antioxidant System (SAS), which defends against the visible aging effects of free radicals triggered by sun exposure, and again up to 72 hours later.

The lightly scented serum claims to boost collagen production to improve visible skin tone, radiance and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. When we tried it, our skin appeared smoother and more radiant. WIN!

Problem: Hands that look like they belong to Gollum
Solution: Goldfaden Aging Hands ($38)
Anti-aging ingredients CoQ10, niacinimide, glucosamine and retinol along with potent hyaluronic acid work to provide skin with a more youthful appearance while fading dark spots and reducing the appearance of fine lines while instantly smoothing and plumping skin.

For a real treat, apply a thick layer of the product, then put on some cotton gloves and relax for 15 minutes. The results will be radical and gorgeous.

Problem: Heading out into the sun
Solution: Kerstin Florian Sun Protection SPF 30 ($44)
There’s sunblock, then there is this gorgeous stuff. The emollient cream protects, while natural antioxidants combine with aloe, green tea extract, chamomile and cucumber extracts calm and soothe.

Problem: Just got off a plane and my complexion is a mess
Solution: Tammer Fender Spontaneous Recovery Crème ($165)
This 100% natural and certified organic cream harnesses the anti-aging power of rose hips to promote cell generation and skin elasticity, helichrysum to tighten connective tissue and promote healing, lavender for anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and matricaria to increase circulation, moisture retention and treat irritation.

This formula is designed for all skin types and is especially beneficial to traumatized skin, those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, and dehydrated or chapped skin.

Problem: I have a summer wedding that is taking place outside during the day and I need my skin to look perfect without being overdone.
Solution: L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Essence and Crème
Peony Cream & Serum
These two products are the summer miracle you have been waiting for. For skin that tends toward the oily, the Essence can be used alone, but for dryer kin, the Essence and Cream provide a one-two punch that will leave you glowing.

Skin texture looks smoothed and refined, pores seem tightened, fine lines and imperfections seem reduced. The skin reflects light better, looks more even and its radiance is boosted. The products adapt to humanity levels in the air, so skin looks dewy without tripping over into shiny. Magic!

(Cover photo via na-ntx.com)