British Label Blaak Launches Healing Jeans

Say goodbye to normal denim with British label Blaak’s launch of a range of jeans fitted with healing crystals. With lapis lazuli attached to the waistband of the denim, the brand is hoping to make its customers feel more wholesome, centered and full of good energy.

“We wanted to go back to the root of when we started Blaak,” explained Aaron Sharif, co-founder of the brand, to WWD. The label launched as a denim-based project back in 1988 and has since changed its strategy several times, presenting a ready to wear collection at London Fashion Week between 2001 and 2004 and in Paris from 2004 to 2011. Now they believe that another change is needed. “Over the last two years we have been researching the amazing world of crystal healing, and have developed a way to apply the power of specific natural semi precious crystals to our jeans. Without shouting on the outside our 5 pocket denim is simple in silhouette, minimal in hard wear, and with discreet stitching. The secret lies in the  mind blowing science which is happening inside, leaving only the wearer in the know,” reads a statement from the brand. “Lapis lazuli makes you feel more grounded,” adds Sharif of the choice of crystals. And perhaps more important is the fact that your precious crystals won’t budge once they’ve been through the wash, unlike other crystals such as coral.

While Blaak is based in London, its workings form a truly international approach, with the crystal jeans developed in Switzerland, woven in Japan and finally made in Portugal. For now there is only one men’s style available in three colours—indigo, black denim and overdyed black denim—and the jeans will be available from the end of May on the brand’s website. The launch of Blaak’s crystal offerings will also mark the start of the label’s e-commerce availability and the designs will initially be available at Wrong Weather in Porto, Portugal and Head Porter in Tokyo, as well as in other stores later in the year.