Booking Your Luxe Vacation Just Got Easier With Luxury Travel Cloud


Luxury Travel Cloud debuts a new, but easy way to make booking traveling arrangements a more pleasurable experience.

The San Francisco based luxury travel network unveiled a new sophisticated web interface as well as a new travel module to its digital platform. The new module makes it easier to integrate luxury flights, hotels, car rental and multiple travel deals all in one place. This new component sets Luxury Travel Cloud apart from its competition.

In a press release, the company’s spokeswoman Jessica Adelman said, “Luxury Travel Cloud brings together the power of respected travel trademarks and the expertise of unrivaled luxury service providers. We deliver dream vacations with customizable packages by connecting upscale travelers with the best deals and special offers from hundreds of trusted partners worldwide.”

Since the company’s inception, it has been connecting people to the luxury deals and special offers. The luxury travel network offers a unique experience for the modern day luxury traveler.

The one-stop digital platform is created to encourage unanticipated interactions for the luxury traveler. It provides a supported environment for users to search the best luxury deals based on either the individual’s current location or prospective destination.

An individual who creates an itinerary via Luxury Travel Cloud can travel in posh style from the beginning of your travel plans all the way to your destination. One can start his or her trip by scheduling a limo to transport you to the airport. Once at the airport, as a result of planning your itinerary via the site, you will have access to Wi-Fi and office equipment for work, you can take advantage of priority boarding for first and business class travelers. Once in-flight the luxury experience continues with in flight food, access to champagne, more privacy and much more.

Like most travel sites, Luxury Travel Cloud gathers information from travelers to be used in many ways such as:

  • To personalize your experience
  • To improve our website
  • To improve customer service

Its partners include the crème de la crème of luxury travel such as,, Travelocity, JW Marriott, Luxury Link, Royal Caribbean, Sofitel Luxury Hotels, Celebrity Cruises and much more.

Luxury Travel Cloud was founded Sergei Koudy, and is operated by Koudy Group.

Check out the video below for lux travel tips

(Photo via Luxury Travel Cloud)