What’s Inside This $20,000 Doghouse by Samsung?

If you have a dog, you know that you would do anything (ANYTHING!) to make your pup happy.

luxurydoghouse1_3219521cSamsung has a new product for you: A new hi-tech doghouse designed by Samsung for Crufts that will enable pooches to snuggle down, watch TV and snack at will.

According to The Telegraph, the $20,000 doghouse features a paw-operated snack dispenser, a ‘woofing’ tannoy system, hot-tub spa and much more. There’s also an in-built doggy treadmill to help counteract the snacking.

President of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, Andy Griffiths, told The Telegraph: “With the Samsung Dream Doghouse, we wanted to reflect the nation’s growing trend for using technology. From dogs who have social media profiles to owners who use video calling to check on their pet while away, technology is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life.”