Sonya Molodetskaya: Favorite Moments From Paris Fashion Week

Fashion month is officially over. This time I realized why Paris Fashion Week is always the last stop: The Paris show is the ultimate of all fashion shows. To ask another to follow would just be unfair.

There is something absolutely special about the atmosphere at Paris Fashion Week and it’s everywhere! Store windows, the shows, the people on the streets and in the restaurants. It’s almost as if everyone is trying to outdo themselves (never mind each other).


I love this time of year in Paris; the adrenaline is so high that I can’t sleep! I can’t miss anything … why else am I here?


So, seriously sleep deprived and champagne dehydrated, I am giving you a quick report of my favorite moments during my favorite week in the year.

I started following Dior seriously after being introduced on a very close level to the brand by my friend Brenda Zarate, who is a San Francisco’s Dior Boutique Director.


I was invited to Dior Fashion show in New York, and I am happy to say I never been the same ever since. The relationship between the Dior brand and myself deserves its own story, and that is coming soon on this website!


Getting back to the Paris Dior Fashion show… it was amazing and I went absolutely insane about the shoes. Patent leather, Lucite heels… these shoes will take over, I promise you. They will be everywhere this spring.


Needless to say the salespeople at the showroom were thrilled with my shoes orders. I always go to extremes when ordered these babies.

Louis Vuitton always has a special spot in my heart, and that spot will always be warm. LV was my first designer handbag, yes, it was THAT ONE…the one with LV all over it. We all wanted it and chosen ones had it. I had been saving money for that bag for months while I was working in retail when I first moved to US. If someone told me that one day I would be sitting in the first row for Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris, I would have fainted, but life takes strange and wonderful turns.


Everyone on the who’s-who lists, and even some of those who want to someday be on that list, was at the Foundation Louis Vuitton the morning of the show. Sheepskin coats opened. There were a lot of interesting looks: tailored suits cut above the ankle and lots of feminine skirts, but the IT item was a famous LV trunk. Nicolas Ghesquiere really took the trunk to the next level: They are now available in different shapes and sizes!


My favorite was the transparent fiberglass vanity trunk. I loved the look of it AND you can keep all your high-tech necessities in there (phone charges, iPhone, iPad, etc).

After Vuitton it was time for me to say farewell to Paris. It was hard to say goodbye, but I know we will see each other again because this love will never die: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel That’s all for now.


Until we meet again. SOON.