New App Inserts Emotion Into Social Networking

Instant gratification is all the rage with Snapchat and twitter but is meaningful communication being put on the backburner? There are tons of apps that allow messages to be sent just before instantly disappearing into the cyber abyss. But change is here. New App Incubate just launched virtually allowing you to insert emotion into social networking.  This futuristic app allows users to send messages in real time with set arrival times to fellow app downloaders in the future! Since we’re living in an age where technology is constantly progressing, what better way to stay current than use an app that creates a virtual time capsule to be uncovered up to 25 years in the future?

Incubate is a must download for smartphone users. “Everyone has a need to send a strategically timed message, whether they know it or not,” said Incubate co-founder Michael McCluney. “We’ve actually been blown away with the creative ways people have thought about using the app—some comical, but some that are extremely emotional.” All it takes is one free download and users can unlock the possibilities.


Incubate is transforming the way we communicate, but the intriguing part about the app is that you never know when you are going to uncover a gem from your past. Users know a message is waiting to unhatch, but you won’t know whom it is from or when it will crack open and flood you with nostalgia. You could be sitting at your desk at work and receive a message laced with memories of college from your old roommate or it could be your 10th wedding anniversary. You could be reminiscing with your husband or wife, while opening an influx of messages from wedding guests re-enjoying your party ten years ago. Every Incubate message is a surprise from your past, the app allows for you to receive little reminders of the good times you’ve almost forgotten.

Do you have a bad short-term memory like the rest of us busy folks? You can send your friend a birthday text months before the day while it’s fresh in your mind or reminders to yourself before you head to bed for the following day.


Yes, Incubate is perfect for a funny reminder or a random laugh, but the app goes way deeper than that as well. Imagine receiving a 21st birthday message from your grandmother who passed away when you were a child? Incubate makes the impossible a virtual reality. Incubate also offers a “Nursery”, that allows parents to accumulate memories for their young child who is yet to own a cell phone.  Imagine being able to share memories of your children growing up with your children as adults? Crazy awesome!

Download Incubate for free today in the app store and start un-locking the past!