London: Harrods Launches The Fragrance Garden

Luxury British department store Harrods is set to launch The Fragrance Garden—its first ever conceptual floral show set that will be exhibited at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in May 2015. Created in conjunction with award-winning garden designer Sheena Seeks and built by Eden Landscape Projects, The Fragrance Garden will celebrate perfume and scent through their relationship to different types of flowers.

“We’re delighted to be exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in 2015,” said Deb Bee, Director of Creative Marketing for Harrods. “We are committed to giving our customers an innovative experience and creating a concept garden in collaboration with an award-winning designer is an ideal platform from which to do this.” The garden will take the process of perfume-making, from its very early years through to today and the input that digital innovation has bought to the process. Harrods hope that the finished concept will “reflect the cross fertilisation of nature and science, as well as old-fashioned flower perfumes and futuristic augmented reality. On one side of the garden the natural flowers are enclosed in a giant laboratory beakers and test tubes. On the other side of the garden they reappear, transformed into giant paper flowers.” Designer Sheena Seeks adds that “this is a fantastic opportunity, working with Harrods to create a truly innovative garden. Designing this garden has given me the freedom to explore the idea of the garden as a space where nature meets technology.”

The experience, which will also incorporate augmented reality images that will come to life when viewed from a smartphone or tablet, will go on display in May this year in London.