Five Must-Have Items to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Spring is finally here! In a couple of weeks, you can hang up the heavy coats and begin your search for lighter clothes to wear. As with all seasons, there are some items that are simply essential, so here are a few pieces that will be key to staying stylish as things start to heat up and the days get longer.


JOY and JOY Forever
Known as the “costliest perfume in the world,” Jean Patou’s JOY, and its sister scent, JOY Forever, are essential for turning heads this spring. Originally, concocted from extremely rare flowers, including the essence of 28 dozen May roses and 10,600 jasmine flowers, JOY was created in 1929 by Jean Patou as a gift for his clients in an attempt at bringing joy into their lives following the Wall Street Crash. Since its launch, JOY has been held in high regard by stylish figures including Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, while JOY Forever is a lighter fragrance that was introduced in 2013. Jean Patou will celebrate a century of scent and style with an event at Bergdorf Goodman in New York on March 24th. Held, in association with The Museum of the City of New York, the benefit will be hosted by Andrew Roosevelt, Nicole Hanley Mellon, Allison and Tara Rockefeller, Mark Gilbertson and Celerie Kemble. With JOY and JOY Forever now in the hands of legendary perfumer Thomas Fontaine, it’s safe to assume the legacy of Jean Patou, who was known as an innovator of extreme brilliance, is in good hands.


strap-its are the brainchild of Julie Karlitz, who was inspired to make them when she spotted her teenage daughter going out in outfits that showed her boring old bra straps. Yearning to find a sophisticated way for people to bare their straps, Karlitz created a detachable bra strap that hooks in to any strapless or convertible bra and allows anyone of any age, to change their look from day to night in seconds. With 25 styles and colors available, including nail heads (silver, black, gold, copper, red, white), skulls (silver, black, pink), zebra (black, pink, purple, olive, lime green, fuchsia), python, cheetah and camouflage, you can mix and match your straps to complement any ensemble. There’s no reason to not choose one for every look with prices starting at just $15.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2

Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Recognized as a fashion statement for well over fifty years, Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer’s are a staple item that works for all seasons. Pretty much a no-brainer when picking out eyewear and one of the best-selling designs of sunglasses in history, the Wayfarer is essential for any fan of quality eyewear. Despite their resurgence in the 80s with movies like The Blues Brothers, Wayfarers have protected the eyes of many iconic figures since the 50s including Elvis Costello, Anna Wintour, Debbie Harry, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Madonna, Chloë Sevigny, Mary-Kate Olsen, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Dubbed as a ‘modern design classic,’ the Wayfarers start at $150 and are well worth the investment.

A McQueen Scarf 2

Alexander McQueen Scarves
Traditionally worn during the colder months, scarves have become a style symbol for spring as well. Available in many materials, sizes, and styles, the perfect scarf can add volume to your style and make an outfit pop. None do this better than an Alexander McQueen scarf. Finding work on Savile Row, which is known for tailoring, Alexander picked up skills from designers like Anderson and Sheppard, he learned dramatic theatrical designers while working with costume designers Angels and Bermans, and an immeasurable amount about the fashion business as a whole from a lengthy tenure as Chief Designer at Givenchy. McQueen developed a style that’s best described as spirited and eccentric. Today, Alexander’s line continues to be as lively as it’s ever been thanks in large part to creative designer Sarah Burton, who took over after McQueen’s untimely death.

A McQueen Scarf 1

Alexander McQueen scarves will look great many different ways including as a belt, wrapped over your head bohemian style, around your wrist, and most traditionally around you neck. The way you tie your scarf is important and says a lot about your style as well, so make sure you do what feels right for you.

Max Mara Shift Dress 1

Shift Dress
As the temperature rises, people want to show skin; it’s human nature, and the perfect option for this can be a shift dress. The style is the ideal “kill two birds with one stone” piece and will help you shift from job-ready to date-ready in mere seconds. This sleeveless, short, dress hangs from the shoulders, and is said to have been worn in the 1920s by style icon CoCo Chanel. However, the style didn’t really become popular until the 1950s due to it’s representation of the revolutionary attitude at the time. Commonly worn alone or with stockings, the slimming and comfortable design of the dress makes light layering effortless. A Max Mara shift dress is ideal for the cooler spring days due to the wool blend found in many of their shift dresses, while DVF shift dresses combine hypnotic color palates with an unmatched slimming fit. With spring in the air you have the option of pairing your dress with sandals, boots, flats, or even sneakers. Throw in a shawl, sweater or a leather jacket up top if you’re feeling really adventurous. Labeled as an “everywoman” dress, the shift dress holds popular appeal in fashion and is a convenient wardrobe staple. Whether it’s a professional, personal or party setting, you know you’ll be dressed appropriately for the season and the occasion in one of these dresses.