“Dior and I” Premieres In London

A host of stars turned out to support the London premiere of new film “Dior and I,” which explores Raf Simons’ first two intense months as creative director of the global luxury brand. The new face of Dior had just eight weeks to create his debut collection for the label, a journey that is charted in the film with all its ups and downs. The 90-minute documentary, created by Frédéric Tcheng, was screened at Mayfair’s Curzon Cinema.

“The intention was to [put] the human element back into fashion, which is a very image-driven culture,” explained Tcheng of the project. “When you go to the atelier and you spend time there…you realise that people have such a strong attachment [to the collection]. They say that it’s their baby. It’s something that’s very personal,” he added to WWD. The film also focusses on some of the artisans working for the label behind the scenes, such as the “premieres” Florence Chehet and Monique Bailly, people that are often overlooked in an industry that puts its emphasis on a label’s creative director. “What I was interested in was the encounter between Raf and the atelier, the tradition and the future collapsing and colliding,” said Tcheng, noting that the finished product turned out to be a very introspective personal look at Simons’ and the whole team’s passion and involvement in Dior.

Stars such as Erin O’Connor, Daisy Lowe and Olga Kurylenko attended the screening, with the film hitting UK cinemas later this month.