5 Organic Entertaining Tips from Andrea Correale

A new trend is permeating the ranks of fine entertaining and is adding a fresh take on the art of entertaining. With people nowadays much more health conscious and aware of what they’re putting into their body, the green and organic food craze is booming more than ever before. Given its soaring popularity, it’s only natural that trends in catering and entertaining have taken a cue. Celebrity Caterer Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs Catering gives us her top tips for putting together a delicious yet nutritious spread for any guest.

Herbal Iced Tea

1. Iced Tea Time
Serving as a clean, healthy alternative for the pre-ceremony cocktail, steep natural herbs in hot water and then serve them over large highball glasses of ice for a refreshing start to the meal. “Wild orange blossom, strawberry peach blush or citrus lavender sage are all fantastic flavors for your tea bar,” Andrea suggests. “Then sweeten them with natural sweeteners like agave or maple syrup.”

Tomato stuffed with Salad

2. The Salad Solution
“Salad bars are making a comeback, but not like you’d see in a New York bodega,” Andrea reveals. “It takes fresh to a new level.” Preparing slats of still-growing lettuce on a wood farm table, allowing guests to cut their own leaves right out of the slats for a fresh salad base. An assortment of organic dressings and accompaniments, such as stuffed cherry tomatoes, add the finishing touch to this delectable green table.


3. Under the Sea
Seafood is a foodie frontier that takes some planning to prepare successfully and healthily. “Stay clear from fish like Chilean sea bass and farm-raised salmon,” Andrea warns. “Local catch is the ultimate way to go.” Seasonal fish caught in local waters often are treated more humanely and are exposed to less disease and contamination, preserving their quality.

 Roasted Chicken

4. Beat Bad Meat
Free-range chicken and grass-fed beef are all the rage and no longer hard to find, not to mention easily keep well in room temperatures. “You can prepare an old school roast chicken on a rolling cart and carve it tableside,” Andrea suggests. “An organic pot roast is another item people love to see on their menu card.” Serving up meats with quinoa or farrow, local vegetables and fruit compotes just screams healthy.


5. Get Your Snack On
“Sweet doesn’t have to mean sugary,” Andrea quips. Homemade ice cream using organic milk with natural dark chocolate chips and fruit toppings or a mix of organic berry sorbets take the fat and sugar-laden bar and turned it into something more appealing. “And step aside nuts and potato chips,” Andrea adds. “Edamame and dried fruit chips are front and center.”

Coming up with a both healthy and delicious spread is easy if you plan ahead, get creative, delegate when necessary and, most importantly, have fun with it!


Andrea Correale


Entrepreneur and celebrity caterer Andrea Correale is the President and Founder of Elegant Affairs Caterers. Her premiere catering and event planning company serves Manhattan, the Hamptons and Westchester. Her team works with luxury businesses producing custom-designed events ranging from intimate, to extravagant. Andrea’s expertise further includes working as a food and entertaining contributor for prominent outlets such as Hamptons Magazine and was even named the entertaining expert for L’Oreal Paris Academy, Ehow.com, Sam’s Club, Celebrations.com (a subsidiary of 1-800 Flowers) and most recently Lenox China.  During her career, Andrea has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars including Mariah Carey, Russell Simmons, Jimmy Fallon, P. Diddy, L.A. Reid, Donald Trump and more.