10 Of The Highest Paid Hollywood Stars

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.38.10 PMPhoto Credit: Jerry Maguire

If there’s one thing that could make up for being followed by paparazzi everywhere you go, it’s most certainly a big fat check.

The Hollywood Reporter’s new issue, dedicated to the A-Listers, details this fact with a new analysis of Hollywood paydays. While we no longer live in the glory days of massive upfront paydays, it looks like the celebs aren’t hurting too bad within the new structure (which makes them wait until break-even point many times before getting their chunk of the success).

“Today’s backend nearly always comes after ‘cash-break-even,’ which means when a studio has recouped its costs, including whatever it spent for production and marketing,” Stephen Galloway explains.

Still, there are a few top names that garner a step above the rest, as The Hollywood Reporter illustrated:

Alist-Salaries2Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter


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